Audit & management

of art collections

Whether your collection was inherited or if you have built it up, it is an important personal asset that requires management and valorisation, in order to avoid any irreversable loss as a result of theft and damage. The appropriate management also ensures an easier succession to your loved ones.

Should you wish to sell a work of art, or pass on a part of your collection to your loved ones, has each piece been authenticated and expertly assessed?
In the case of succession, are you informed of the current value of the artworks of your collection ? Do you know which significant professional to refer in case of sale ?

We manage all the necessary steps in order to ensure an optimal sale value and experience when completing a sale transaction.

Artwork entering or leaving your ownership through purchase or inheritance involves transportation, dealing with customs as well as taxation regulations. The financial value of your collection can change over time. Pieces may be restored or prepared for exhibition.

We organise the physical management of your collection. From conservation to restoration of artworks, to a dedicated shipment from purchase place to private residence, storage or museum loan.

Our priority is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and openness. We always work in complete confidentiality when it comes to their heritage and collections.

What we offer 

  • Full audit of your collection
  • Collection of complementary documents (expertise, certificate of authenticity..)
  • Inventory and regular update of collection data and content
  • Annual reporting of Art asset

With our network of international partners, renowned for their experience and professional standing, we can provide a range of complementary services specifically designed for each collection.

  • Taxation and legal advice
  • Customised transportation and logistics
  • Artwork restoration